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目前研究主題: (國內產業的關鍵技術、資工領域發展的新契機)

Connected Intelligence: from IoT to cloud intelligence

  • Embedded PaaS: connect embedded IoT to Cloud services
  • Virtualization Systems in private cloud servers
  • Specialized large-scale data system acceleration (for data analytic applications)

Low Power/Low voltage System for IoT/wearable nodes

  • Low voltage memory systems
  • Low voltage RISC processor cores
  • System-level power optimizations

Heterogeneous Memory System Architectures

  • Memory hierarchies in HSA
  • On-chip Memory
  • Memory design for emerging memory technology


Embedded System Software (國內產業的關鍵、資工系學生發展的新契機)

  • Embedded Micro kernel for multicore multithreading SoC
  • Embedded Software Tools for multicore systems
  • System virtualization machine based on multicore architecture
  • Multicore client/edge systems for cloud computing

Multicore multithreading processor and architecture

  • Multithreading Multimedia Processor Design
  • Multicore Memory architecture
  • Network-on-chip
  • Debugging Design for multicore programming (最新的業界研究挑戰)

System-level SoC virtual platform

  • Adaptive fast JIT virtual platform (targeting at 50~100MHz)
  • Multicore programming
  • Electronics System Level (ESL) - system platform design and analysis
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